Winclone 7.3.2 restore bootcamp win 7 64 bit issue, "Error loading operating system"

Hi all,

I have an issue about “Error loading operation system”.
I have a Mac mini server (Mid 2010) and Mac OS is 10.13.6.
There are two hard drivers in my Mac. One is 500gb SSD(Mac OS) and the other one is 750gb HDD(Bootcamp win 7).
I want to replace old 750gb HDD to new 500gb SSD. Using Winclone 7 to backup bootcamp from HDD and restore it to new SSD. The backup and restore process is successful. After replacing HDD to SSD, I boot bootcamp and get “Error loading operation system”.

Please help me to find out some solution to solve this issue.


This is most likely due to to a missing driver. I would start by opening the Boot Camp partition in VMWare fusion (trial available) and then run sysprep. Then shut down and restart into the boot camp partition.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your suggestion.
I found new SSD(restored bootcamp) could be booted by VMWare but when I replace SSD in my Mac mini server, I still cannot boot bootcamp. Is there anything wrong during the process?

Thanks again

Try looking in device manager and disable the boot camp drivers, then see if you can boot via bootcamp.