Winclone 7 and Catalina


I was wondering if Winclone 7 (or its licence) will work with macos 10.15.

I had winclone 5 and 6 but only now do I need the 7th version and will need it to work on Catalina, but we’re close to the release date of macos and would like to know if I’d have to wait until it releases or if I can already buy it and get the next update for free.

Thanks a lot for your time!

Any recent purchases of Winclone 7 will get a free upgrade to Winclone 8. The plan is to release for Catalina:


I have the same issue.
I purchased the excellent Winclone 7 and just update to Catalina a few days ago.
And now I could no more restore my Bootcamp partition!

I do not want to get the new Winclone 8 for free.
But I think the Winclone 7 must still works on Cataline it is not a big change in the OS X low level API.

So please help

I think that the Win clone just check the Os version and prohibit to ruin it on Catalina.


Catalina required that the helper app be rewritten due to the privacy limitation on helper tools. It was a very large undertaking. Low level APIs didn’t change, but the security and partitioning sure did.


How “recent” is “recent” for upgrades? I find it hard to believe that Bartender, Reflector, and other “helper” applications were able to update with out needing to push for a different paid version.

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