Winclone 7 and Mojave 10.14.2 with bootcamp Win 10 not working

Hi All,
Just purchases Winclone7, have a working Mojave 10.14.2 with bootcamp running Windows 10 on a 256GB internal hard drive.
I have installed Winclone 7 and created an image of the bootcamp partition to an external drive.
Swapped out hard drive, the restored Macosx uing time machine, and partitioned the new 1TB hard drive to 500GB APF MacOS and 500GB MSdos Windows partition.
restored winclone image to the msdos partition successfully. Bootcamp windows partition then shows up in startup disk and when holding option key at boot of macbook.
When it attempts to boot into windows however it stalls on the windows logo and spinning ring for about 10 seconds then reboots in a cycle. Then ultimatelly boots to a blank blue screen.
Can someone please help? I don’t believe I did anything incorrectly as process seems quite simple following the videos. If there is a known issue wit Winclone7 and 10.14.2 and no workaround to fix this, is there a scheduled relase update to fix this issue, alternativelly is there is no fix how do I obtain a refund for the purchase?
Thanks in advance.

Can you give me more information on the error message you received? It is possible that the new SSD requires different drivers. I would recommend downloading a trial version of VMWare, boot in a VM from the bootcamp partition, run sysprep, then shut down and boot from the bootcamp partition. That should force Windows to rediscover the devices.