Winclone 7 does not work [FIXED]

Hi! Just updated to the latest version and activated. Program starts however right after selecting a volume program shuts down with report to Apple option. The same after rebooting. What to do? How to run a program? Thanks.

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Can you tell me what OS version you are on? We did full testing on 10.12 and 10.13. Also, please post the crash log that appears in the “report to apple” dialog. There should be an option to show the details and copy/paste the text.

Mac OS 10.13.4

Clicking any second-level file / drive select dialogue button on the Winclone 7.0 start screen crashes the app. Consistently. Your app is basically useless at the moment. Happy to paste the crash log, but your support format doesn’t allow for enough characters for me to paste it here. :frowning:

please email it to

Ok. I’ve mailed it. Is that 20 characters? Good. Ok.

Still waiting for it to hit our email system. Can you clarify a bit about “second-level file / drive select dialogue button”?


open app -> clicking “create image from volume” -> clicking “select volume” == crash
open app -> clicking “volume to volume cloning” -> clicking “select source” == crash
and so on…

thanks, that was very helpful. I looks like if you have a Master Boot Record formatted drive (like most external flash drives) inserted, we have a problem getting some information off of it to show. Can you try removing ejecting any external drives and see if the crashes stop? If so, we will post a beta built ASAP to test.


I just replicated the error here and we are working on a fix.


Version 7.0.1 is now live with a fix. Please visit or update via the app to get 7.0.1.


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Thanks for your assistance. After updating to version 7.0.1 everything is fine, working with no problem.

Thank you. It’s not crashing anymore.

However, I have another issue now; When trying to clone one external Bootcamp SSD to another external SSD using “volume to volume cloning”, the target SSD is not available as destination, only the “system reserved” partition from the source SSD.

UPDATE: Ah, ok. I see now: I have to FAT + GUID format the target SSD. I assumed it would clone it bit for bit, including file system.