Winclone 7 - How to set up incremental imaging auto scheduling?


I upgraded from Winclone 6 to Winclone 7 recently.

Previously with Winclone 6, I had it set it up to automatically back up the Bootcamp partition daily, although a specific time was not selectable. This was visible via the Winclone icon in the menu bar.

With Winclone 7, I see that you can now do incremental backups of the bootcamp image. The description in the Incremental Imaging sheet states “A schedule can be specified to automatically update a Winclone image based on the time specified.” How is this done? I haven’t found any way to schedule automatic incremental imaging. Please enlighten me!


We are adding the scheduling feature in the next minor (free) update in the next few weeks.


How do we know when the next update that has scheduling is ready, and how do we get it? Also we normally use the windows partition. If we log into the mac partition and setup scheduling for incremental and then log back into windows and leave the windows side running and not log back into the mac partition can the software backup the windows partition while the computers is running on the windows partition and using the windows partition.
. We never log into the mac partition and wondering if the software can backup the windows partition while the computer is using and booted into the windows partition.

If you want to get notified when the update occurs, follow us on twitter @twocanoessoft, join the MacAdmin slack room twocanoes-winclone, or check back to the winclone product page on We also post updates to the forums so you can watch the topic for Winclone updates. Lots of options!

As for the incremental updates, it only works in macOS, and not when booted into Windows. You should probably investigate a backup solution like Crash Plan for backing up Windows while in Windows.


so imaging auto schedule can only work if its booted into the mac at the autoscdeuling time?

that is correct.


Am I correct in thinking that the incremental schedule has yet to be included in an update to be issued soon? I ask as I bought into this software which works well but could also not find anyway to setup a schedule yet?
Hope this becomes available soon.

It is on the schedule for 7.2 this summer.


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Thanks Tim for info.

It is confusing that the current version (7.1.x) displays that statement (“A schedule can be specified…”) when the capability is actually not present. Maybe it would have been better to have included something like “coming soon!”, or just not mentioned it in the current UI until it actually ships? The “more info” link on that screen leads to the Incremental Imaging web page, which also doesn’t mention the “coming soon!” caveat.