WInclone 7 incomplete back up image

Hi. Running Winclone 7 on 27’’ iMAC 2017 Sierra for the first time. I have 209GB of data on the Bootcamp 500GB partition with Windows 10. After several tries resulting in 635 kb image and before falling into desperation I gave it a last go. The copying went on for more than four hours resulting in 110GB backup image. Even if it’s compressed I am not sure this is all data I have there. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to check I have a complete image?
I need to upgrade to Mojave, so it is crucial I have a perfect bootable clone of the Bootcamp, which my son uses for school work.

The only way to know if it is perfectly bootable clone is to restore it. I would recommend doing a file-based backup since it is always good to have at least 2 backups of any critical data. Winclone is a great way to quickly snap back to working Windows installation, but it should never be the only backup of data. As for the size, file-based images will not back up the hibernate file or the page files. Those can account for a large amount of the space used. 635 kb is definitely impossible to have all the data, but I wouldn’t be surprised that 110GB backup would be the size of a 209GB used partition.


Thanks, Tim. Can I try it to restore to an external drive, or how would you suggest I go about it, please?
Thank you

That would work. You can also try restoring to a disk image: