Winclone 7 not working - 'There was an error during the disk to disk clone'


I purchased Winclone 7 to create a clone of a Bootcamp partition from an internal HD inside a MacBook Pro running 10.12.6 to a WD SSD in an external USB enclosure (to then be installed to replace the HD). When attempting to clone from ‘Volume to Volume’, the following error prompt appears: “There was an error during the disk to disk clone. There may be a problem with one of the volumes or the disks.” Volumes are all working with no issues and the original Bootcamp partition boots without problems.

This error occurred both in WIP and Block Copy modes, with the drive formatted as ExFAT, MS-DOS (FAT), and NTFS (although my understanding is that Winclone begins by formatting as NTFS regardless). When attempting to rollback to Winclone 6, my license key for 7 doesn’t work so I’m unable to test it.

Could I please receive support for the issue in 7? Also, would I be able to test a licensed version of 6 or a previous version of 7 to see if this works on my end in the meanwhile?


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Checking in on this issue, thanks.

I have a very similar Issue, meanwhile, here you can obtain your previous version >

Thanks for directing me to that page in the meanwhile, appreciate it.

My error continues, in the console, I just found this >

Error Error Domain=TaskError Code=5 “l for disk to disk clone” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=l for disk to disk clone, standardOutput=NTFS volume version: 3.1
Cluster size : 4096 bytes
Current volume size: 600998670336 bytes (600999 MB)
Current device size: 600998674432 bytes (600999 MB)
Scanning volume …
0.00 percent completed
0.01 percent completed
0.02 percent completed
0.03 percent completed
0.04 percent completed
0.06 percent completed
0.07 percent completed
0.08 percent completed
0.09 percent completed
0.10 percent completed
0.11 percent completed
0.12 percent completed
0.13 percent completed
0.14 percent completed
0.16 percent completed
0.17 percent completed
0.18 percent completed
0.19 percent completed
0.20 percent completed
0.21 percent completed
0.22 percent completed
0.23 percent completed
0.24 percent completed
0.25 percent completed
0.27 percent completed
0.28 percent completed
0.29 percent completed
0.30 percent completed

My notes are this >:

Starts 4 pm
Required 477.9 GB , Available 929.2
Scanning Volume *(reads at 5-12 MB/sec)
After 2 minutes 1.8%
After 3 minutes 2.7%
After 4 minutes Accounting Clusters
After 6 minutes Cloning NTFS 9.9 %
moving data at 20-24 MB/sec
After 10 minutes Clonning NTFS 9.9 %
After 16 minutes Clonning NTFS 11.7 %
After 37 minutes Clonning NTFS 13.5 %
After 120 minutes Clonning NTFS 17.2 %
After 446 minutes : Error Message : Error 1 for disk to disk clone

Any advices or recommendations ?

Prior versions are available here:

I believe you wrote in directly and I responded there. I would recommend saving an image then restoring it. It seems to resolve this issue.