Winclone 7 on 10.13.6 (High Sierra) Can't clone Bootcamp partition after W10 crash

I’m a new customer, recently bought winclone 7, as suggested for my macOS.
My problem was that windows 10 failed to boot after an automated update and restart.
I went to bed leaving the comp. on w10 and woke up finding it on macOS login screen.
Tried to boot in W10 an got a blue screen for the first time, with a :frowning_face: and a QR code to scan. Second time, same result.
Then iMac failed to boot into MacOS several times and wouldn’t load from Time Machine either.
After 2 hours of trying it finally booted in MacOS and I cloned (done with Superduper) my Macintosh disk to an external SSD I bought last November (Samsung 860 evo 2TB, 1TB for MacOS, 1 TB left for Bootcamp clone via Winlone 7).
I also got all my stuff from the windows partition. I didn’t loose any data.
But I can’t afford to loose access to a large amount of paid programs on the w10 disk. I also need to work on windows asap.
As the windows part seems problematic, Winclone 7 fails to image it or to Disk-to-disk clone it.
So I’m looking for a way to boot my windows in safe mode, repair if possible and do thing right with Winclone 7 afterwards. Windows info page don’t apply for the bootcamp disk, I think.
Am I thinking right?
Can you help me with this process?
I thank you in advance!

Did you create an image prior to having the issues with Windows?


Unfortunately no.
I seek a way to start windows in safe mode and go back to the point before the upgrade.
Don’t know how this can be done in my case. If I succeed, I’ll create an image of that working os.