Winclone 7 painfully slow creating disk image

I bought Winclone yesterday and have the latest version. I clone my 2010 Macbook Prom hard drive to a bigger SSD, then installed it. I am now running the machine on the SSD and everything is fine.

Downloaded and registered Winclone and began the process of cloning the Bootcamp on the old hard drive (and connected view SATA/USB) and it is taking AGES.

Went googled ‘Winclone so slow’ and ended up here and saw others have had the problem, and that creating a disk image should take a lot less time. So far after launching Winclone, I have still only archived 11.8% of file data. It occurs to me that simply installing Windows from scratch and going through the laborious process of installing updates would be ten times faster. I’ll give it a while, but if there is no obvious progress, I’ll get a refund and do just that or try other software. I mean $40 odd is NOT cheap.

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Well, after apparently hovering around the 12% mark for I don’t know how long, the image was suddenly created. I then tried to restore it to a Bootcamp partition, only to hit the System Integrity Protection problem. No matter, followed the instructions to run off SIP - boot into Recovery, disable it - got the 'SIP disabled message, rebooted, only to get the SAME warning from Wincline: SIP won’t allow a restore.

Come on, this is Mickey Mouse stuff. I HAVE disabled SIP and have no idea what to do next!

Get with it, please or give me my money back.

Sorry you are having difficulties. You can request a refund at any time by clicking “Refund” in the footer on our website.

Winclone depends on the system to tell it if SIP is enabled or disabled. Try running this in terminal (not in recovery, just in the macOS):

csrutil status

This is what tells Winclone if SIP is enabled or disabled.