Winclone 7 restored Bootcamp: No hardware drivers


I just got a new Macbook Pro 15" with the touch bar. My old MBP is a 13" from early 2015.
I have restored my High Sierra OS from my old MBP to the new one, however, I am having issues with Bootcamp.

I purchased Winclone 7 yesterday and made an image of my old Bootcamp. I did this twice: (1) once skipping the “SysPrep” step and (2) once with running SysPrep on Bootcamp with Generalized enabled. In both instances, I saved the image to an external HDD.

I then, on the new MBP, ran Winclone restore. I tried both instances.
(1) results in everything being transferred from the old Bootcamp to the new one, with identical desktops and all applications installed.
(2) results in everything being transferred from the old Bootcamp to the new one, with identical desktops, but no shortcuts in the taskbar, etc. I do not know if my applications were installed.

In both cases, I do not have access to the keyboard, mouse, wifi, touchbar, etc. No devices are detected and in Device Manager, I can see that there are a lot of issues… drivers being incorrect, etc.

What can I do to get a full restore of my old Bootcamp onto my new MBP?


Okay, so I have figured this out.

Installing Device Drivers

At first launch of Boot Camp following a restore process, Windows will not have device drivers that allow it to communicate with the Mac hardware until installing Boot Camp drivers. Use Boot Camp Assistant to extract the drivers to external USB storage or burn to CD/DVD. Please see support document “Install Boot Camp Drivers” for more details.


On the new MBP, I launched Bootcamp Assistant and then clicked “Actions” from the menu bar. I then selected to download the support drivers to a USB formatted with ExFat (to use on both Mac and Win).

Once downloaded, I restarted my MBP and booted into Windows. I then went to the USB and installed Bootcamp with the drivers. It all works then.

A suggestion:
While Winclone is a fantastic tool, I really do think it could do with some more step-by-step instructions built into the process… I spent a lot of time trying to get this right because there is documentation all over. I don’t want to search through pages of documentation just to find a tiny piece of information.

The installer says that Winclone will take care of everything (when choosing the restore option), but it does not.

After installing, Winclone will configure Windows to boot based on the version of Windows and the Mac hardware.

It then links to “more info” which tells me nothing about setting up once I get into Windows and how I must first download the support drivers and then install them on the new Bootcamp…

Please do consider adding a step-by-step instruction piece for each of the 4 options into the Winclone application; it would make life for us much easier.

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thanks! Will do.


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I’m confused; I have the exact same issue. Same hardware, no hardware drivers. How did you access the USB if you couldn’t access the keyboard, mouse, trackpad, etc? Thanks.

I created a clone without running SysPrep and saved that image, then I created a clone with SysPrep…

The SysPrep technique does not work as you lose access to your keyboard and mouse, while without SysPrep, you get full access, but no hardware drivers.

So, I used the regular (non SysPrep) image to install windows, then logged in and opened the USB drive and installed the drivers/bootcamp.