Winclone 7 Standard Incremental Imaging Scheduler

Hi, I have Winclone 7 Standard 7.3.2. I’ve created a new image of my Bootcamp partition, no problems. I did an incremental Image, no problem. And I checked the box that says “Show Winclone Incremental Imaging Scheduler in Menu Bar.” I’d like to schedule regular incremental images, but I can’t find the Imaging Scheduler anywhere. Could you help me find it? It should be easy, right?

You should see this in your menu bar:

Nope. That screen is what I’m looking for. But I don’t see it in any menu bar. Don’t see it in any drop-down menu either. (I am looking at the menu bars across the top of my screen and at the top of the app window.
Is there another menu bar somewhere?)

can you send a screen shot? I have not seen this issue before.


Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. As I was preparing to capture some screen shots, I found the setting I was looking for by clicking on the app icon on my MBP’s menu bar, and then clicking on the “Configure” menu. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. Maybe I needed to reboot after creating the image? Or maybe I needed to restart the app after clicking the “Show Winclone Incremental Imaging Scheduler in Menu Bar” box? At any rate, I see it now. All is well. Thanks for your help.

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