Winclone 7 Upgrade

Hi there. I had purchased Winclone 6 a year ago and now I am notified that it cannot run on MacOS Mohave. I downloaded WinClone 7 and serials of Winclone 6 don’t work. Does that mean that I lost my subscription altogether? Is that the deal? Am I to believe that subscription is good for one year only? Why isn’t Winclone 7 offered as a free upgrade to regular subscribers? Many thanks

Submit an upgrade request to and if you have a valid prior license, you can get a discount for an upgrade. We also sent out a discount to current customers via an email yesterday (if you opted in when purchasing).


Thank you very much. I did that already and upgraded to Winclone 7 Standard with a 50% discount. It still feels somewhat awkward having spent another $40 just last year for Winclone 6! I consider it as customers being victimised for software continuous upgrades by hardware and software manufacturers. I can assure you that it definitely cannot be received as an upgrade in overall customer satisfaction and a respect for people’ s income. Thanks anyway for your reply