Winclone 7 won't create image file

Winclone 7.01 won’t create an image file on an external disk - issues error message:

Could not create image file. Error message: You don’t have permission to save the file “Untitled.winclone” in the folder “Backup Two”.

It does appear that it will create an image file on an internal Fusion drive - but there isn’t enough space, hence the need to use external USB drive. Note I am running with admin privileges, High Sierra MacOs.


try creating a folder on the external drive and then saving the Winclone image in it. I have seen where the permissions on the external drive do not allow for saving at the top level.


Here it is over a year later and I JUST bought winclone and ran into the same issue… came here to find the solution, created a folder on the destination volume, bingo it’s copying my win10 drive to a file!

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Excellent! Glad it is working.