Winclone 8.1 restore to new ssd won't boot win10

Problem: After restoring with Winclone to new SSD, booting from EFIBoot goes to blank BLUE Screen, followed by Windows 10 Boot logo, followed by BLUE screen with “Your PC ran into a problem. Inaccessible boot device.” And then boots OS X.

Here’s the story:

I replaced the SSD in my MBAir 2012 (Catalina 10.15.4) from 500GB to 1 TB.

Prior to the upgrade, I used Winclone 8.1 (48104) to save an image of the BOOTCAMP partition on an external USB drive. After the upgrade:

  1. Re-installed OS X, (Catalina 10.15.4) via Internet to new 1 TB OS X APFS & formatted SSD – no problem.
  2. Restored OS X with TimeMachine – worked fine.
  3. Used OS X DiskUtility to make new 200 GB ExtFAT BOOTCAMP partition – seemed fine.
  4. Restored Winclone image using Winclone to BOOTCAMP from external USB drive. After restore, BOOTCAMP is now named EFIBoot.

All these steps were successful – (At least I can see all the BOOTCAMP files with Finder).

Tried to follow support videos and forum advice. Not clear what to do next?

Is this an OWC SSD? I did some testing on it and had all sorts of issues getting it to boot. I couldn’t even get it to work with normal Boot Camp.


No, it’s an Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB - M.2 NVMe Interface Internal Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology (MZ-V7E1T0BW) with an Sintech NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Adapter Card for Upgrade MacBook Air(2013-2016 Year).


Can you try “make EFI bootable” from the tools menu? It is possible that Winclone set it as legacy bootable since the 2012 MacBook Pro was able to do both legacy and EFI booting (but I think it defaulted to legacy booting).


I did this as well with my 15’ MacBook Pro. It had a 512mb Apple SSD and I replaced it with a Samsung 1Tb NVME ssd and used the Sintech adapter as well.
I had Mac OS on 800mb and a win format on the remaining 200mb. I used Carbon Copy Clone to back up and then recopy from the 500 to the 800 mb partition, and I used Winclone to back up and reinstall my Win10 install from the previous ssd to the new Samsung. To my amazement the Win 10 install booted ok from the new 200mb partition. It did take a while to recognise that it was on a new drive but did eventually boot ok. Subsequent boots have been quite speedy on the Win 10 side. The Mac side has always been sweet and smooth.

So my suggestion is to do a fresh install of Win10 on your Air. You should be able to purchase a legitimate Win10 code for under $20 AUD if you look around on eBay.
Good luck.

Hi David,

So we both did essentially identical processes, you on your 15" MB Pro, me on my 13" 2012 MB Air. We both used the same NVME adapter and we both partitioned 800/200. We both restored the OS X partition and we both used Winclone to back up and reinstall from previous SSD to new SSD. Both of our OS X restores were smooth as butter.
I appreciate your note, since mine might work eventually. I’m puzzled why you’d suggest a fresh install for Win10 since I’d have to reinstall all my applications, and that’s the whole idea of WinClone - eliminating the misery of re-creating a Win10 partition.
Could you explain your logic? Maybe I’m missing something.