WinClone 8.2 New Mac Question

Just purchased a new 2020 MacBook Pro with a 2TB drive (upgrading from a MacBook Pro 2015 Retina 512SSD model).

Given that - and wanting to move over a BootCamp partition - do you suggest staying with WinClone 8 or trying the 8.2 version (is it stable enough) - and also can handle the security chip?

Thanks - new to WinClone and crossing my fingers it works for me. :slight_smile:


Definitely try Winclone 8.2. The only change is the ability to inject drivers and that should be very helpful for what you are doing.


Thank you - I’ll download it and report back once I receive it - looks like an arrival date of 5/13/2020.

Worked like a charm! Had to inject the SSD driver via the menu - but no problems. Thanks!

Great! Thanks for reporting back. Was it a 13" MacbBook Pro or 16"? What was the model identifier? Our 2020 MBP has not arrived yet so I added the drive configs without testing on that particular model, so I appreciate you reporting back the results.


It was the “MBP 13.3 SPACE GRAY 2.3GHZ/32GB/2TB” model - “A2251”

Upon startup got a blue screen in Windows, injected the SSD driver, then rebooted – and all was good.


Where can you download 8.2?

There is also a link in this article (and a video!):