Winclone 8.2 & NTSF Compression?

Just purchased Winclone 8.2 Standard to clone my bootcamp partition prior to installing a larger SSD in my MacBook Pro (2015). I generally use Bootcamp for older games I wish to replay and do keep many game folders compressed using the built-in NTSF compression function (this causes zero performance issues on these older games and can save a lot of space - I’m unwilling to dedicate much of my valuable Mac space to Windows gaming, so this is one of my methods for minimizing Bootcamp drive space requirements).

Before I end up with problems I figured it would just be best to ask: Will Winclone be able to deal with this situation or will I need to go into Bootcamp first and hunt-down every compressed folder and decompress it?

Also, just out of curiosity, is there any way to turn off the compression that Winclone does while creating an image? I’m cloning to big & fast external USB-3 storage, so the size of the created image isn’t a big deal to me, but speedier cloning would be great if available.

Winclone uses the WIMLIB library (for file-based backups). The library backs up the compressed attribute and the file and should restore correctly:

As for turning off file compression, there is not currently a way to disable it.


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