Winclone 8 Blue Screen After Restore to same computer

Purchased this software at 9:30am and now it’s 8pm and still cannot restore my BootCamp image on the same Mac it was imaged from. Running Catalina 10.15.4 Did I waste my money? Quicker to do a fresh install of Win10. Would like to hear about a solution.

I have the same problem. I tried to recover a windows10 partition from an old mac.

I have yet heard a response from the company. If this can’t be fixed, I think a refund is necessary. Doesn’t work as expected.

I didn’t prepare a new partition. I took the Bootcamp Partition. May be this is the reason?

I followed the exact method used on the videos on the website. Still didn’t work.

Sorry, my file that doesn’t work is : \Windows\System32\Drivers\AppleMNT.sys

Solved: I renamed the AppleMNT.sys.

Good for you. I had to reinstall WIn10 from scratch, along with the software I had installed. Complete pain.