Winclone 8 extremely slow

Hi, trying out Winclone 8 on the latest Catalina beta to create an image of my BootCamp volume from SSD to an internal hard drive. In the past, this has taken a couple of hours. It has been running for 13 hours now and has backed up only 319GB out of a total of 354Gb. It is also slowing the iMac down quite noticeably as I am working. Any thoughts on why it is so slow compared to previous versions? Thanks!

If you switch to block-based imaging in the prefs, it should go much faster. Are you doing a volume to volume image? if so, that should already be blocked based.


No it is volume to winclone image. I can try it block based. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I should just do volume to volume since it can be made bootable.

Just discovered something awesome about winclone. I had a likely corrupted bcd on my Windows drive. Bootrec and bcdboot kept giving errors. Mounted the drive’s EFI partition, backed it up. Deleted everything and used the winclone
tool to make it EFI bootable. Worked like a charm. Booted right up. No more time wasted fixing BCD issues going forward. Thanks!


Craig C Corp, MD