Winclone 8 Features and Pre Release for testing

See what is coming in Winclone 8:

We also have a pre-release for testing:

I am attempting to install and run Winclone 8.0 but I am not able to get the software to recognize my license.
Any assistance would be appreciated.


I re-activated my license and everything is working properly now. Thanks…

Winclone 8 (beta) appears to be in working order. Thank you very much for your efforts and support.

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If I buy a Winclone 7 licence now, do I have to purchase the update to Winclone 8 when it is released, or is ther a sort of transitional phase where you get the update free with your purchase?

Thank you!

You will get a free update to winclone 8 if you purchase winclone 7

I purchased winclone 7 on the 15 July (I had a previous licence for Winclone 5) will I also be offered a free upgrade to Winclone 8?