Winclone 8 - Moving Windows 10 from a T2 to T2 Mac

OK, searched the forums and when to the knowledgebase How-To’s.

I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 15" (T2 chip) with Windows 10 Pro on a Bootcamp, It works fine.

I needed to upgrade for some high-needs Windows programs on the Windows side.

I justified took possession of a brand new MacBook Pro 16" top-spec with 2TB drive.

I followed the how-to found here:

  1. Created a backup if my Windows 10 on a MAC formatted SSD
  2. Created aPARTITION (not within the container) and formatted to MS-DOS
  3. Restored the Image.

Upon booting to Bootcamp it immediately re-boots to Mac Side.

Not even a HINT of starting Windows 10.


This is not my first Winclone. I used it to fo from MacBook 2016 to the 2018 with no issues.



Try booting to recovery and disabling secure boot and see if resolves the booting issue.



Just before I went out for the afternoon I had some distance memory of that being the cure so I tried it - IT WORKED!! Sorry I didn’t get back to update my post.

Since I’ve now successfully booted into Windows 10 and updated the Bootcamp Drivers, can I know go back into Recovery Mode and re-engage boot security??

Thanks for the quick response. I know I would be spending WAY more time on re-doing Windows every time I bought a new Mac without your software. I’ve been a user a big fan for many years (and many versions!)



You should not have to disable that setting so I am not sure why it was required. You can try turning it back on and see if it boots. If not, then turn it off again. Let me know what you find out.