Winclone 8 OSS Caralina

I use winclone 8, error massage “cloning Error: Error setting permissions on device /dev/disk0s3, please help

Please reinstall Winclone and see if it resolves the issue.

Same problem… after App Cleaner… same…
How can I uninstall properly ?

Do you have any security software running? The helper tool makes the Boot Camp partition writeable.


How to slove this problem?
thank you

i have kasperskly security sofeware?but i turn off,same problem?

Something is preventing the helper from doing its job. Check out the kaspersky log and see if it is still blocking anything.


I am having same problem…
anyone solve this??

I too am having this problem.

202110630 1:10PM PST
I reinstalled Winclone 9 and the problem has ceased for the time being.