Winclone 8 win 10 doesn't boot after bootcamp image restoring

Hi, I’m new here,
I have an imac 21,5" late 2013 with Osx 10.14 and I have a problem with Win 10 boot after winclone bootcamp image restore, after power on it makes a blue screen full of write but I can’t read it because it stay only one second on the display then mac restart.
I’ve followed the guide to make a bootcamp image and then to restore it, all is going good but the problem persist when I select windows partition to start up computer.
Can you help me?

Did you create the image on the same Mac you are restoring it to?


Yes Tim. The dame imac

the 2013 iMac was right around the time apple switched from legacy to EFI booting. Try switching between legacy and efi booting and see if that resolves the booting issues: