Winclone 9 Cannot Select Source

New User here looking for help!

I have read all the blogs I can find and contacted Tperfitt for support but replies are very slow and I am without a laptop until this is resolved!

I have a 2013 MacBook Pro Retina and backed up Bootcamp using Winclone 9 Standard to an external SSD Drive - No issues so far.

I then fitted a larger hard drive in my MacBook and created a new Bootcamp partition - Again no issues so far

I then updated Mac OS and and now running Catalina 10.15.7. Bootcamp is Windows 10 Professional and all updates & drivers are installed - All good so far

The problem I have is that when I try to restore the Winclone image, I can select the image on the external Hard Drive but the drop-down box is blank! If I click on the ‘down arrow’ I can see a ‘tick’ on the left side but nothing else. (See attached image) I have tried to select it but nothing happens.

I can successfully select the Bootcamp Drive to restore to but nothing happens if I click on ‘Restore Image’

I REALLY could do with some help here please!

Many thanks,


The menu is populated by looking up the different clones inside the image. If it is blank, it could be the result of a bad source image. Can you try creating the image again?


It’s not blank

Now fixed by a Zoom call with tperfitt. The USB Hard Drive was formatted as MS-DOS instead of Mac OS Extended (Journalled)

Thank you for your help Tim.

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