Winclone 9 create an image size of 681Kb

When I try to create an image block-based, Winclone 9 will tell me that everything is good. Then when I look at the file it shows me a size of 681Kb. My boot camp partition is using almost 500GB of a 1 TB partition. So the only way I can create an image is to not use Block-based, which takes a very long time to create an image of my partition.

Sometimes the finder does not show the correct size. Try control clicking on the image, and select Show Package contents, and then look at the size of the Windows.wim or boot.img.gz.

Nope the boot.img.gz file in that package is 20 bytes in size. There is no file larger than 600 bytes.

I’ll need to take a look at the log. Can you post it or send it to


021-03-27T19:29:26-05:00:=================diskutil list=================
2021-03-27T19:29:27-05:00:/dev/disk0 (internal, physical):
0: GUID_partition_scheme *121.3 GB disk0
1: EFI ⁨EFI⁩ 314.6 MB disk0s1
2: Apple_APFS ⁨Container disk2⁩ 121.0 GB disk0s2

/dev/disk1 (internal, physical):
0: GUID_partition_scheme *3.0 TB disk1
1: EFI ⁨EFI⁩ 209.7 MB disk1s1
2: Apple_APFS ⁨Container disk2⁩ 1.5 TB disk1s2
3: Microsoft Basic Data ⁨BOOTCAMP⁩ 1.5 TB disk1s3
4: Windows Recovery ⁨⁩ 571.5 MB disk1s4

/dev/disk2 (synthesized):
0: APFS Container Scheme - +1.6 TB disk2
Physical Stores disk0s2, disk1s2
1: APFS Volume ⁨Macintosh HD - Data⁩ 582.4 GB disk2s1
2: APFS Volume ⁨Preboot⁩ 460.6 MB disk2s2
3: APFS Volume ⁨Recovery⁩ 613.8 MB disk2s3
4: APFS Volume ⁨VM⁩ 2.1 GB disk2s4
5: APFS Volume ⁨BigMacHD⁩ 15.1 GB disk2s5
6: APFS Snapshot ⁨…⁩ 15.1 GB disk2s5s1

/dev/disk3 (external, physical):
0: GUID_partition_scheme *2.0 TB disk3
1: EFI ⁨EFI⁩ 209.7 MB disk3s1
2: Apple_APFS ⁨Container disk4⁩ 2.0 TB disk3s2

/dev/disk4 (synthesized):
0: APFS Container Scheme - +2.0 TB disk4
Physical Store disk3s2
1: APFS Volume ⁨Time Machine⁩ 623.8 GB disk4s2

2021-03-27T19:29:38-05:00:hiberfil exists…probing…
2021-03-27T19:29:44-05:00:We have Windows, but no BOOT folder, so checking to see if there is another partition on the same drive that has the folder. If so, we have a split boot config, and will grab the boot files
2021-03-27T19:29:52-05:00:Setting to not sleep…
2021-03-27T19:29:52-05:00:Writing Version of Windows to Image
2021-03-27T19:29:53-05:00:Starting Helper Tool
2021-03-27T19:29:53-05:00:setting up listener for mach service com.twocanoes.WincloneHelper
2021-03-27T19:29:53-05:00:Getting new connection request
2021-03-27T19:29:54-05:00:Saving Partition Type, 2.000000% complete
2021-03-27T19:29:54-05:00:Could not read /dev/disk1. Probably due to SIP. Ignoring and returning 0x07
2021-03-27T19:29:54-05:00:Saving Filesize, 3.000000% complete
2021-03-27T19:29:55-05:00:Executing “ntfsinfo -m -f -f /dev/disk1s3”
2021-03-27T19:29:56-05:00:Removing Pagefile, 4.000000% complete
2021-03-27T19:29:58-05:00:Preparing to Save Image, 5.000000% complete
2021-03-27T19:29:58-05:00:Executing “ntfslabel -f -f /dev/disk1s3”
2021-03-27T19:29:59-05:00:Saving Image, 5.000000% complete
2021-03-27T19:29:59-05:00:Executing “ntfsclone --save-image --force --output - /dev/disk1s3”
2021-03-27T19:29:59-05:00:Executing “pigz --stdout --force”
2021-03-27T19:29:59-05:00:ntfsclone v2017.3.23 (libntfs-3g)
2021-03-27T19:29:59-05:00:NTFS volume version: 3.1
2021-03-27T19:29:59-05:00:Scanning volume, 10.000500% complete
2021-03-27T19:30:11-05:00:Scanning volume, 11.001000% complete
2021-03-27T19:30:26-05:00:Scanning volume, 12.001500% complete
2021-03-27T19:30:40-05:00:Scanning volume, 13.002500% complete
2021-03-27T19:30:46-05:00:Scanning volume, 14.002501% complete
2021-03-27T19:30:48-05:00:Accounting clusters, 20.000000% complete
2021-03-27T19:30:48-05:00:Space in use : 498340 MB (33.2%)
2021-03-27T19:30:48-05:00:Saving NTFS to image …
2021-03-27T19:32:03-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 21.007999% complete
2021-03-27T19:33:19-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 22.016001% complete
2021-03-27T19:34:34-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 23.024000% complete
2021-03-27T19:36:00-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 24.032000% complete
2021-03-27T19:37:14-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 25.040001% complete
2021-03-27T19:38:27-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 26.048000% complete
2021-03-27T19:39:42-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 27.056000% complete
2021-03-27T19:40:59-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 28.063999% complete
2021-03-27T19:42:17-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 29.072001% complete
2021-03-27T19:43:34-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 30.080000% complete
2021-03-27T19:44:49-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 31.087999% complete
2021-03-27T19:46:05-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 32.088001% complete
2021-03-27T19:47:21-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 33.096001% complete
2021-03-27T19:48:40-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 34.104000% complete
2021-03-27T19:49:57-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 35.112000% complete
2021-03-27T19:51:19-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 36.119999% complete
2021-03-27T19:52:41-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 37.127998% complete
2021-03-27T19:53:59-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 38.136002% complete
2021-03-27T19:56:07-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 39.144001% complete
2021-03-27T19:58:21-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 40.152000% complete
2021-03-27T20:00:32-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 41.160000% complete
2021-03-27T20:02:41-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 42.167999% complete
2021-03-27T20:04:51-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 43.175999% complete
2021-03-27T20:06:52-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 44.183998% complete
2021-03-27T20:08:45-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 45.192001% complete
2021-03-27T20:10:53-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 46.200001% complete
2021-03-27T20:13:01-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 47.208000% complete
2021-03-27T20:15:09-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 48.216000% complete
2021-03-27T20:17:20-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 49.223999% complete
2021-03-27T20:19:31-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 50.232002% complete
2021-03-27T20:21:30-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 51.239998% complete
2021-03-27T20:23:41-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 52.248001% complete
2021-03-27T20:25:46-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 53.256001% complete
2021-03-27T20:27:57-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 54.264000% complete
2021-03-27T20:30:08-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 55.271999% complete
2021-03-27T20:32:13-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 56.279999% complete
2021-03-27T20:34:17-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 57.288002% complete
2021-03-27T20:36:21-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 58.295998% complete
2021-03-27T20:38:29-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 59.304001% complete
2021-03-27T20:40:41-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 60.312000% complete
2021-03-27T20:42:45-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 61.320000% complete
2021-03-27T20:44:54-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 62.327999% complete
2021-03-27T20:46:57-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 63.335999% complete
2021-03-27T20:49:05-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 64.344002% complete
2021-03-27T20:51:02-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 65.351997% complete
2021-03-27T20:53:10-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 66.360001% complete
2021-03-27T20:55:24-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 67.367996% complete
2021-03-27T20:57:30-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 68.375999% complete
2021-03-27T20:59:40-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 69.384003% complete
2021-03-27T21:01:42-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 70.391998% complete
2021-03-27T21:03:42-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 71.400002% complete
2021-03-27T21:05:53-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 72.408005% complete
2021-03-27T21:08:04-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 73.416000% complete
2021-03-27T21:10:12-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 74.423996% complete
2021-03-27T21:12:15-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 75.431999% complete
2021-03-27T21:14:28-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 76.440002% complete
2021-03-27T21:16:35-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 77.447998% complete
2021-03-27T21:18:37-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 78.456001% complete
2021-03-27T21:20:46-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 79.464005% complete
2021-03-27T21:22:57-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 80.472000% complete
2021-03-27T21:25:02-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 81.479996% complete
2021-03-27T21:27:18-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 82.487999% complete
2021-03-27T21:29:30-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 83.496002% complete
2021-03-27T21:31:37-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 84.503998% complete
2021-03-27T21:33:48-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 85.512001% complete
2021-03-27T21:36:01-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 86.520004% complete
2021-03-27T21:38:30-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 87.528000% complete
2021-03-27T21:40:43-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 88.535995% complete
2021-03-27T21:42:43-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 89.543999% complete
2021-03-27T21:44:45-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 90.552002% complete
2021-03-27T21:47:00-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 91.559998% complete
2021-03-27T21:49:19-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 92.568001% complete
2021-03-27T21:51:34-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 93.576004% complete
2021-03-27T21:53:44-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 94.584000% complete
2021-03-27T21:55:54-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 95.591995% complete
2021-03-27T21:58:16-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 96.599998% complete
2021-03-27T22:00:31-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 97.608002% complete
2021-03-27T22:02:46-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 98.615997% complete
2021-03-27T22:04:53-05:00:Saving NTFS to image, 99.624001% complete
2021-03-27T22:05:45-05:00:Syncing …
2021-03-27T22:05:50-05:00:Setting the system to allow sleep…

That is strange. it saves from 2021-03-27T19:29:59-05:00 to 2021-03-27T22:04:53-05:00 so it is very weird that there is no saved data. I would expect the boot.img.gz to be much larger.

Thanks for your help. I will just give up on using this applications and use something from the windows side to help me back up my data.