Winclone 9 Image Restore on MacBook Pro with Big Sur not working

I am trying to restore and make functional a bootcamp partician from a 2016 MacBook Air runnning Catalina, with Windows 10 in Bootcamp to a 2019 MacBook Pro running Big Sur.

I have been poking at this for a few days now and I finally figured out part of the problem. The document referenced Migrating Windows 10 to a 16″ MacBook Pro (2019) with Winclone 8 – Twocanoes Software has the autorun.ini and the autounattend.xml in the apple driver folder in the doc pic but, they need to be in the root of the jump drive. Making this change I was finally able to get the touch bar to work.

Now when I run the c:\winclonefix.bat file I get an error 21 code

I tried making the changes from D: to F: in the winclonefix.bat file but I still get the same error. I doubled checked that on the MacBook Pro there is a bootcamp drive with the Winclode restored content from the old system there.

The new devices is a 2019 MacBook Pro with Big Sur installed a few days ago. I used Big Sur for all the BootCamp Assitance functions. I am using WinClone 9, also downloaded a few days ago.

Any further thoughts on what to try next?

The issue is usually that the NTFS partition is not mounted. If you do a dir d:\ does it show ntfs mounted? If not, you can load the driver with: