Winclone 9 mounting error

I’m attempting to clone a windows drive (whole drive, not a partition) from a smaller drive to a larger disk on the same computer. Everything seemed to migrate well, however the new drive booted but only made it as far as a black screen with cursor. This sounds like maybe a missing driver perhaps. Looking at the log, one of the recurring issues was

“2021-05-30T16:36:06+10:00:Mounting Error: An timeout occurred when mounting /dev/disk2s3. Please check that you can mount the volume in Disk Utility and try again”

I’ve wiped the drive and reformatted a bunch of times, but I’ve ended up with the same result. An almost-booting Windows drive. Injecting drivers seemed to come across the same issue.

Any ideas on how to get this new drive to be more mountable?

what is “whole disk not partition”?
/dev/disk2s3 is partition
/dev/disk2 is disk
are you cloning disk into partition?

The disk originally had no partitions, so the only partitions there are the ones that WinClone created. It seems like the partition in question (the largest one) is the one that could not be mounted.

I tried cloning to an external USB as well to see if the error was disk-specific. I consistently got the “Error Mounting Read/Write: The volume could be mounted read/write. Please run CHKDSK and turn off hibernation in Windows and then try again.” This was trying to inject drivers. Incidentally CHKDSK was clear and hibernation was already off.