Winclone 9 no driver support after migration

Hi Everyone,

I created an image using Winclone 9 on my 2017 Macbook Pro 15" running big sure, and restored it on my new Macbook Pro 2019 16" running big sur.

At first it would not boot, so I “injected drivers” using winclone, and it worked! Yeah!!!
But after booting, the mac drivers did not work. No wifi, the computer would not find the wifi card (network adapter).

I uninstalled Bootcamp (because I figured it had drivers from the old 15" computer)

Going back into Mac OS, I launched Bootcamp Assistant and downloaded the most recent bootcamp drivers (windows support) folder.

I launched parrallens, and copied that folder onto the desktop for my Bootcamp drive.

Then rebooted into Bootcamp. Ran the installer.

It looks like the installer completed successfully. But it just doesn’t stick.

When I boot into bootcamp, it just won’t find the wifi, or any apple drivers. I have to use an old PC mouse to get a right mouse click to work, and no touch bar or trackpad adjustments.

Anyone have ideas? I’m currently creating a windows 10 installer USB. I’m not sure why, I guess that’s my last resort is to start over. but before I do that, is there anything else I can try?


Here is what I did.

After I restored my Windows 10 drive to a new partition.

  1. Injected drivers: but make sure to select the Windows Support folder, not the WinPedDriver or it won’t find the drivers.

  2. Reboot into bootcamp

3: open the old windows support folder (from my older macbook pro 15 where I started.
Windows Support/BootCamp/Drivers/Apple/BootCamp.msi
Right mouse click ( I used an external mouse) on BootCamp.msi and uninstalled.

4: Install the new latest and greatest drivers. To get these, back in the Mac OS, I opened BootCamp Assistant and downloaded the windows drivers. This finds the drivers for themachine I’m on. the new 16 inch.

5: rebooted back into bootcamp and ran the new bootcamp installer

Opened Device manager and looked for Network controller ( not network adapter) and I deleted it. Then restarted and went back to device manager it was created again.

I opened the proerties and updated the driver. I had it search the Windows Support folder ( the new one).

Finally, it installed the broadcom controller.

Ok, so now… check this out, I had to go into my old windows support folder ( from my old Macbook pro 15) I copied that folder over and opened up Bootcamp/Drivers/Broadcom/ and installed the “BroadcomWirelessWin8x6.exe” and “BroadcomComController64.exe” I did this by double clicking and following instructions.

After that, I was able to restart and they appeared in my network adapters as options.

And my wifi was back.

But wait there is more.

At this point, I have wifi, but no trackpad, touch bar or anything else.

So, I went back into device settings and under Human Input Device, I selected each item, one at a time (there were like 15 of them, so it was a hassle). Each one, I updated the driver, and had it search my new Windows Support folder.

Most just did nothing, but then some showed a progress bar and actually updated. I learned that the bottum 7 items or at least some of the bottom 7 were the ones I wanted! They just were not labeled. As I updated drivers, it told me “touch bar” “Track pad” and such, and then once I did them all, I rebooted, and BAM, Bob’s your Uncle. My Macbook Pro was running windows 10, with all the mack trackpad, touch-bar, sound working normally.

It’s possible I missed something in this report, but I’m toast. I’ve been at this for hours, and just wanted to capture what I could in writing while it was mostly fresh.

I hope this is helpful to someone else who was in my shoes.


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