Winclone 9 Status 46

I updated the MacOS to Big Sur and purchase Winclone9 Standard.
I am trying to create an image from a Bootcamp volume. I am selecting Bootcamp in the select volume input and try to save the win10 bootcamp image.

I am getting the following error “Cloning Error: There was an error while file imaging. Please check the volume and try again. Status:46”.

As a byproduct, the Bootcamp partition cannot be seen in Finder and in Disk Utility it is greyed-out. Reboot brings the Bootcamp partition back.

Please let me know what am I doing wrong.

Any idea of the issue? How to fix it?

It sounds like there are disk related errors. Try running chkdsk:


It worked although it did not want to complete chkdsk /b I had to hard reset after it.