Winclone and Bootcamp encryption


Does @tperfitt or anyone else have any recommendations on how to encrypt a bootcamp drive that I am booting in from VMWare. The challenge here is that if I encrypt it, I want to ensure I have access from VMWare because I am still getting the “blue screen of death” when I load up bootcamp from the start up disk (not in VMWare). I initially used the guides here to go from old MacBook Pro 2011 bootcamp to 2018 bootcamp using Winclone and the advice from here. However, after using VMWare to load bootcamp I noticed the blue screen of death again loading in to bootcamp as a start up disk.

So I want to ensure I fix that blue screen of death AND wondering if you have recommendations regarding encryption for the bootcamp partition so I can load in VMWare.

I have no experience in that area, sorry.