Winclone and MacOS 10.15 beta

Are there plans to release a beta version of Winclone that could be used with MacOS 10.15 beta, or will it come once Catalina is released?

Soon. Very soon. Not too soon. But soon.

Any update on the beta?

Catalina has been a moving target. The beta that just dropped yesterday appears to be good enough for a Winclone beta.

Is a WinClone Beta available for download?


I’m also in dire need of an update on a beta release for mac os 10.15 beta testers. Hope to hear from the team soon.

Can you please get the show on the road, so we can get on with testing etc. It is difficult when we do not have a way to safely image and restore our BootCamp setups in the new macOS.

The beta is now available. Please see information on the on the status page.

Hi there @tperfitt, can you provide a link to that status page? I’ve searched around and I can’t find it anywhere on the site.

Should be here: