WinClone awfully slow in backing up

Hi, I got WinClone and I am using ‘Create Image from Volume’. The Boot Camp data is in my Apple OEM SSD (Mac Pro 2020) with 600GB of data, and it’s transferring over to 5400RPM NAS Hard Drive. However, the transferring speed is horrible. I started roughly around 4-5 hours ago and it’s still at ‘Verifying file data’ stage, which the bar is around 45% to completion. I see that the image file is at around 450GB.

Why is this so slow?? Is this intended?

Another question is, can I restore this image back to my another SSD which I can use it for older Mac Pro (2010)? I can just put this in and it should work? How does this work for restore?

Thanks a lot.

So woke up in about 8hrs and looks like it was done. So it is definitely working and not stalled but it seems just too slow. Please let me know what the estimated timeline is, say per GB or something. Thanks.

We are in the process of providing some guidance on expected times. Thanks for reporting.


iMac - Late 2012
Wim Image Restore of 7.11GB - 28 minutes
Block-Base Image Restore of 8.3GB - 8 minutes

MacBook Air
Wim Image Restore of 3.74GB - 8 minutes
Block-Base Image Restore of 4.39GB - 3 minutes