Winclone backup scheduler

Hi, we have winclone (the latest) on my son’s computer which has mac os (latest) and bootcamp with Windows 10. We set the scheduler to back up once per day, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to say what time of day. He will be playing a game and the winclone app will start backing up and pop up over his screen in the middle of playing, which you can imagine is a big problem with some video games.

Is there a way to schedule the time of the backup? Or, can it backup without inserting itself over his screen?

We looked at Bootrunner but it seems much more than we need…

Thanks for your help.

We do not currently have a time of day scheduler but are looking to add it in the future.


I’d like to +1 this request, as the current way the scheduler is built makes it very difficult to use effectively. Something like how SuperDuper designed their scheduler would offer the flexibility required.

Yes that would be very helpful. Basically we run it once a week now which is less than idea. Thanks!