Winclone backup to parellels desktop?

Is there a way to install my win-clone Bootcamp back up to parallels desktop?

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You can restore to a disk image, and then use Parallels to “Migrate Boot Camp” option.


Thank you Tim

I tried to do this with Parallels 13 under High Sierra to install from back up image ( a Winclone backup) and Parallels does not recognize the image.

Any ideas?

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In WInclone 6, you can do a “restore to disk image” and then you should be able to select the migrate from Boot Camp option in parallels. Is that what you did?


Thank you Tim.

I think I see what I did wrong. I was trying to use the Winclone image in parallels. I missed a step. Going from the Winclone image to a disc image then migrate.



Hey Tim,

I tried restoring to a disc image then trying to create a new virtual pc from parallels but it does not recognize the .sparseimage format that Winclone 6 wrote out.


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Try changing to extension to .dmg and see if Parallels will pick it up.


I’m working on the same issue. I don’t see a “Migrate Boot Camp” option anywhere in the Parallels software. If my BOOTCAMP partition is mounted I do have the option to create an instance of it in Parallels, but I see no option to “Migrate Boot Camp” from an image. Any help on where I can locate this feature would be greatly appreciated.

see this article:

See section on “Import your Boot Camp partition into a Parallels Desktop virtual machine”


Actually none of the solutions are working.

The .sparseimage file generated by WinClone 8 cannot be used by Parallels 15. I see no other way of booting this image file, it can only be used to access the files inside it.

The Import BootCamp option from your link is not a working solution: it asks for a drive with 56Gb free space but it generates a file that is 1.6Mb in size, containing some configuration files for accessing the bootcamp partition.

What would be the purpose of using the image files generated by WinClone?
Is there a way to use the image as a bootable VM using Parallels or even other solutions?

I really need to get rid of the bootcamp partition and move it to an external drive as a VM but I see no way of doing it after struggling for 2 entire days.

The image file is a way to see if the image will restore successfully. You can’t boot from it, of course.

I didn’t intend to boot directly from the image file, of course, but to use it with another tool (ie Parallels) to create a usable Windows VM.

What would be a solution that you know it works?
I don’t need a Bootcamp partition as I am runinng out of disk space. Just a file/folder to hold a Windows VM that I can run. Based on the WinClone image, of course.