Winclone Basic - No Save Option

I just bought Winclone Basic to make a backup of me BOOTCAMP partition. I have a bootcamp partition with Windows 8.1 installed and operational. After installation and activation of Winclone the left screen (sources) shows this MAC and my BOOTCAMP disk (44,52 GB). But I only get the option of Restore To Volume" but not the possibility of Save to …

How can I Backup my BOOTCAMP partition?

Br, Louis

Does this help?


Hit Tim.

The BOOTCAMP partition also showed up in the Sources overview. But I found the solution. Reason why I did not get the save option turned out to be a mounted SD card (that also showed up in the Destination overview. For writing to an SD card you must buy the standard version (and I get a message for that). However this message also shows up when you try to create an image. After removing the SD card I got the Save option and everything works fine now.

Br, Louis