Winclone Bootcamp clones not working

I have tried cloning my Bootcamp partition several times, restoring it into tow different volumes (one an SSD, the other a spinning disk), formatted as Fat32 (and also exFat, just to be sure). None of the clones work. Windows never boots, never puts up an error. The Windows logo shows up, stays there for several minutes and when it finally disappears I get a black screen with a spinning blue circle on it. I also wanted to nuke my internal Bootcamp partition and restore it after making it bigger (made it too small to begin with), but now I am scared that the same thing will happen with it and I’ll have to rebuild my Windows setup from scratch. Please help, otherwise let me know how I can get a refund. My setup is iMac Pro running the latest official release of Big Sur. I am using Winclone 9.