Winclone bootcamp issue

Hi there,

i recently purchased winclone software. My aim was to clone and migrate my BOOTCAMP to my external thunderbolt SSD. I have however encountered many issues in this process. Originally i was recieved Error 65, and then the issue that my drive was not GPT so i managed to convert my drive. However then the software would proceed to make the clone and create a 645kb file!? I since removed and reinstalled BOOTCAMP assuming it was something with hibernation settings causing issues.

Now ive finally managed to get the software to clone the drive, it says the process was ‘successful’ however the output was only 11GB when my BOOTCAMP drive space used is about 31GB… ive also tried creating an image (which is also ‘successful’) and its still only 11GB… i have tried booting from this drive to no avail… i feel like im running out of options, any ideas?

Winclone doesn’t backup the hibernation file or swapped memory, and compresses the image. You can check the image by checking the files on the restored external drive, though I suspect it did migrate. External booting depends on the interface, the type of Mac and the version of Windows. What type of Mac do you have and what version of Windows?