Winclone cloned partion transfers, but wont boot

I have a mid 2012 imac running Mojave and I have a windows 10 bootcamp partition running on an external drive. I cloned the partition and transferred it to a new iMac mid 2020 running Catalina. The transfer works but when I try and boot from the partition it fails - I get a BSOD.

The original bootcamp setup created from the new 2020 mac works and boots properly, but as soon as I replace that bootcamp with the wincloned install from the mid 2012 mac it goes to BSOD.

Did it prompt to inject drivers? If not, select Tools->Add Boot Camp Drivers.


Yes, it did but no locations were selected to inject drivers.

The only option I have is Download Windows support software. There is no tools menu

It should be in Winclone in the Tools menu:

Yes, I can transfer drivers, but I still have a list of drivers in windows that don’t work - can’t see external drive, ethernet, etc. I tried Sysprep and driver transfer multiple times, no joy

Are you able to boot? If so, then you can reinstall the boot camp drivers from inside windows and it should make all those issues be resolved.


When it BSOD’s does it BSOD because there are additional drivers that don’t work with the new machine?

If you create a Windows 10 install USB key you can restore the Winclone image, then boot off the install USB key. Go into command prompt and remove the problem driver from the wism.

Then boot off the restored Winclone image.

I used this with a sysprep’d image where it kept trying to install Intel HD 3000 Graphics drivers for my 2011 iMac.

Migrating the install simply doesnt work. Thunderbolt drivers do not work with the new machine if I use a restored image. Even using sysprep and then loading windows drivers from bootcamp does not work. Only installing a fresh bootcamp partition and a new install of windows works.

Reinstalling boot camp drivers doesnt work. For whatever reason thunderbolt devices never work if I start with a migrated winclone image. Only a fresh install works

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