Winclone Cloning Error


I recently purchased Winclone 7.14

I am using it to clone the Bootcamp partition on a mid 2012 MBP with high Sierra.

I tried to clone the partition twice and I am getting a Cloning Error.

What should I do?

Can you give a bit more information? For instance:

  1. Type of Mac for both the source and the destination if they are different. You can find the Mac type under the Apple Menu->About this Mac under.
  2. What version of Winclone you are using.
  3. What version of Windows you are using.
  4. Are you migrating to an external drive? If so, what is the type of drive and how are you connecting it? (USB, Firewire, etc).
  5. Does the Windows volume mount on the Mac desktop?
  6. Does the Windows volume appear in Disk Utility (located in the Utilities folder)?
  7. Did you try the troubleshooting at