Winclone Compatibility

I tried to get Winclone to work for a couple of years with no success. All the while I was blaming Winclone but it turned out to be an external drive compatibility issue. Following is my experience. I hope this helps someone.

Windows 10 on a Macintosh using Winclone
These external drives would not work at all for me on several different Macs using Thunderbolt 2.
OWC Drive Dock — For two drives, Thunderbolt 2.
Akitio Thunder2 — Quad Drive Thunderbolt 2.
The following two drives are working satisfactorily on my Mac Pro (2013).
BUFFALO Mini Station — Thunderbolt 2 — 1 TB Portable Hard Drive.
Delock 42510 Adapter — Thunderbolt 2 — with 500 GB SSD added.

Thanks so much for sharing!