Winclone Error while cloning Bootcamp form Image

Hi ,
I am using Winclone 8 on mac-book pro with Catalina OS ( latest ) and windows 10 boot-camp.
I and struggling to make bootable copy of the bootcamp in external SSD . Steps followed:

  1. successfully created bootcamp image - SUCCESS
  2. While restoring the image to external SSD , at the end of the process getting following error:
    The windows partition could not be mounted Read/write to create boot folder of windows partition. Mount the windows partition read/write, delete hiberfil.sys , and then try setting legacy bootable manually.

PROBLEM : Tried every thing and cannot mount external SSD as read/write in Catalina OS. Please assist.
Advise best was to clone to external SSD to make it a bootable drive.



Can you check in preferences and make sure the “block based image” checkbox is unselected? Also, make sure Windows is not hibernated but completed shut down prior to creating the image.


Hi Tim,

Did as you advised , image creation as well as restoring of the image finished without any error .

At the end of restoring image got a prompt to add drivers which also successfully completed.

However on booting from the cloned drive , get a black screen ( DOS window type) stating the OC cannot be accessed… and process hangs.

Been struggling for over two weeks , please assist.


It probably means that the Mac was set to boot Legacy. Try switching to EFI:


Hi Tim,

Software definitely needs an upgrade to handle Catalina OS and security .

All my efforts have failed , suggest activate the refund for my purchase .

Kind Regards


Please submit a request here:

I can’t do it in the forums since I don’t have the address you used to purchase.


Hi Tim,

I will be happy to barter for Carbon Copy Cloner , at least it cloned the Mac Catalina OS properly.

Let me know if possible