Winclone file size

newbie question, tried to look for info but still confused: my boot camp partition is 128gb with 47gb used, my winclone image file shows as 1.39gb in finder, is that ok?
Also tried to run a test restoring the image, the process is still less than halfway through after about 2 hrs, that also normal?

If it is a spinning platter drive, it can take a while especially with file-based images. As for the size, the Finder can obscure that. Try control clicking on the image, select “Show Package Contents” and look at the size of the WIndows.wim or boot.img.gz file.


thanks, I am traveling for work and don’t have my external drive for a few days; will try your suggestion and revert as soon as I am back

could you point me to an article where I can see the procedure to test functionality of the newly created image?


I have exactly the same question.
And I have posted it as a separate topic, where I am not reporting a PROBLEM, but specifically ONLY asking how to check the integrity of a backup.
I’m a longtime userr of WinClone, and to my knowledge this was never explcitly possible.
However I think it’s a requirement, or at least one that you should be able to select, even if it adds time to what is required for Winclone to run.

Winclone does an integrity check of the image after it is created to make sure it is internally consistent. It also verifies prior to restore… There is also a way to restore to a disk image to verify that it restoring does not generate any errors. The data is only part of the equation, but making sure it will boot is another. The only way to be sure of that is to restore, which generally requires another machine of the same hardware. Suggestions of a better way are welcome!