Winclone from Internal Bootcamp to External SSD not working

Did a very simple image of a working Windows 10 bootcamp installation and cloned to an external ssd through Winclone, removed the internal partition, and I get a recovery error when trying to boot into windows. 0xc000000d

Should be pretty straightforward, same exact system, so I know the drivers are installed and working.

2019 MacPro - Secure Boot options disabled. Running latest Big Sur.

Would love some help.

sometimes external migrations require a registry setting change. I am looking at adding this feature to Winclone:


I’m not seeing an explanation of changing the registry in your link, although I already did that before making the image.

I feel like this is a very straightforward example of what your product claims to do. I’m on the same system, just going from internal to external. Your product didn’t do what it claimed, is there something I’m missing?

sorry, i responded to the wrong message but I am glad you found it and made the registry changes. Unfortunately, Winclone can’t make all migrations boot successfully since a lot depends on drivers, hardware, and Windows. Winclone can definitely migrate the data, inject common drivers, and set it to a known, good bootable state. However, that doesn’t always means it will boot. This is especially true for external drive booting. We offer to refund if it doesn’t work since we can’t account for everyone’s hardware/software state and a lot of it is beyond our control.