Winclone hangs (36 hours) restoring image from another Mac

Bought WC 8 to migrate bootcamp from one Mac to another Mac via Thunderbolt. The Mac’s are hardware identical. Now 36 hours into this and the WC bar is only 30% and no indication of ANY activity happening and yet no errors or messages from WC.

If you open log (command-L), does it show any activity? It is possible the helper tool crashed.


No. It died at 27.3%. Tried again using blocks, it died at 12.2%.

I’m assuming an operation like this for a 178GB source image should take no more than 8 hours. I left the initial one running for about 36 hours before I killed WC.

Exasperated. Will try to save image to a 256GB flash drive instead of volume to volume transfer. Maybe that will work? I can’t give up my work computer (MAC running Win7 64) too long to get this done, as I am shut down while it attempts the transfer or image.

Also: I note that when it “fails” my Win7 Mac that is in Target Mode discontinues to move the TM mode icon around the screen — it just stays in one spot.