Winclone image is less than 1/3 the size of the Bootcamp partition

My Winclone image is about 45.5 GB, compared with almost 150 GB of data, applications, and OS for the Bootcamp partition. The Bootcamp partition is almost full, and I have to delete my original partition and make a new, larger one with additional space for Bootcamp. (When I reduced the Mac OS partition with Disk Utility, the computer stopped being able to boot into Windows.) To double check, I made another Winclone image which is the same size as the first.

I have used Winclone to transfer Bootcamp to new hard drives for the same computer, but do not remember differences in size between the image and Bootcamp partition.

  1. Is everything from the Bootcamp partition really on the Winclone image?
  2. Based on these size differences, is is safe to delete my original partition, create a larger one in Disk Utility, and migrate the Winclone image into the new, larger partition? All data and program files are backed up in several places.

I noticed the same thing . About 260 GB Winclone image from 570 GB Windows data&system on a 1TB SSD. This includes the cache files since when I choose the option to remove them the backup gives me an error starting out. I’m running the current version 7.1.1

Winclone images are compressed, and depending on what is on the drive, compression can be quite good. I would recommend restoring to a disk image and verifying the size of the restored image.


Thanks, Tim. I didn’t realize how good the compression could be. Great recommendation to restore to a disk image! I’ll test it out.

Hi Tim,
The disk image is the same size as the original bootcamp partition, so that works. Now I am unable to restore the winclone image to the bootcamp partition; an EFI error occurs. If I can’t figure it out, I will ask about it in a new thread.