Winclone Incremental Backup Issues

I want to have Winclone do incremental backups to my external disk. That works fine but when the system reboots and the menu item loads, it complains that it cannot find the destination as the disk hasn’t finished mounting yet. Once the disk mounts it initiates a backup. How do I get Winclone to stop complaining that the destination isn’t there? I have a very small internal SSD and would rather not put the Bootcamp backup on the internal drive.

Also, is there a way to make the system not start a backup as soon as the menu program loads? I’d rather just have it stick to the schedule. Sometimes I’m in and out of Windows throughout the day and having to see this error every time I login and then having to way for the backup to finish as well is really annoying.

Thanks for reporting the issues. We shall look into it.