Winclone incremental backup messages showing

I installed Winclone the other week and set up the incremental backup. Today, it was scheduled to perform the weekly backup and I didn’t have the external hard drive connected. Winclone repeatedly presented a pop up telling me that the external drive wasn’t available. Sorry, I didn’ take a screenshot to show you the exact message.

The message was persistent and even when I acknowledged the message a minute or two later it would appear again and again and again…

I then connected the external drive and found that the icon repeated flashing at a high rate. Even when the backup completed.

The window from the icon showing it doing the backup but displaying a message “Backup Destination Missing”. Even after it completed the backup it still showed the same message.

The version details

  • Winclone is 8.1 (48104)
  • MacOS 10.15.4 (Catalina)

In the end, I removed/deleted the icon from the title bar due to the continued rapid flashing.


If you quit the menu item and restarted it, doesn’t the error continue? Did you try logging out or rebooting?


Yes, I quit the menu item and restarted the laptop. The error does continue. The window popup continues to appear whenever the external drive isn’t available. While writing this, I’m connected to the external drive and no error message, no popup window and the icon is solid.

I’ve now ejected all external drives and all looks fine.

I believe when the laptop reboots and you log in and there is no external drive the issue arises.

I’ll look into it and see if we can replicate the issue (and then fix it).

I returned to my laptop this morning and found it had not shutdown over the night. It usually does and usually asks to report an issue to Apple. I’m finding Catalina (10.15.*) not being anywhere as stable as past versions of MacOS.

Anyway, the WinClone icon was solid and the external drive wasn’t attached. I rebooted the laptop and on logging in I am still seeing the icon solid. Information on the window is

Available space:
Latest Backup:
Next Backup: 27 May 2020 at 12:56

Along with the icon being solid there is no error message. I will leave the external drive disconnected and see what happens at 12:56.

Now some two hours after 12:56 I’m seeing the popup appearing saying No Backup Destination, twice. After okay both popups I now see the icon flashing madly. It stops flashing when another popup appears.

I hope this helps.