[Winclone] Is macOS Monterey supported? Does not show Bootcamp volume

I just upgraded to macOS Monterey which came out today and now when I open up up Winclone I am prompted with:

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 5.19.54 PM

So, that’s new and weird, but I clicked Continue and then clicked Create Image from Volume except now I don’t see my Bootcamp volume listed. It’s just empty.

UPDATE: Oh I guess I have to buy the new version Winclone 10 when upgrading to Monterey. That’s a little displeasing and peeving. I shouldn’t have to pay more money for software just because I upgrade my operating system version.

Upgrade Eligibility:

Customers who purchased Winclone 9 Standard within the 45 days leading up to the release of Winclone 10 Standard (August 23, 2021-October 7, 2021) are eligible for a free upgrade to Winclone 10 Standard.

Customers who have a current support contact, or who purchased Winclone 9 Pro/Enterprise one year prior to the release of Winclone 10 Pro/Enterprise (October 7, 2020-October 7, 2021), are eligible for a free upgrade to Winclone 10 Pro/Enterprise.

How To Get Your Upgrade:

Visit profile.twocanoes.com and click on “assets” to get your free license key and upgrade link. Log in or sign up with the same email address used when purchasing.

Not Eligible For The Free Upgrade:

Existing customers who are not eligible for a free upgrade can visit profile.twocanoes.com to see any discount coupons available to upgrade to the latest software.

I wrote this up as well: