Winclone package installation error

We use winclone with DeployStudio for dual booting our macs. We use deploy studio to image the OS X side and copy the winclone package to the machine. On first boot it installs the winclone package, however on our new MacBook pros the winclone package will fail. Oddly enough when I go to install the package again it works fine. All of our other model computers the same job works fine.

The restore completes successfully, but we get error in the install.log “error while opening file to writeFailed restoring to dev/disk0s4” under the updating MBR portion of the script.

The new MacBooks have the 4k Physical Block size, so you’ll need to make an image specifically for those machines or using the new file-based format. Block based is usually faster (and doesn’t have the start menu issue with the creators update). To see what the block size is on a drive, do a :

diskutil info disk0

and look for the “Device Block Size”.