Winclone Pro 10 Package Format

I’m using Winclone pro 10 to create packages for deployment but it seems to only generate pkg types known as bundle-style packages.

I’m using Jamf Now Plus (not Jamf Pro) to deploy pkg’s and they seem to only accept uploads of certain types of pkgs. It’s not documented as far as I can tell as their upload feature simply stops at 100% upload and doesn’t proceed on pkg types it doesn’t agree with. I’ve only seen success with flat distribution pkg’s. I’ve come to this conclusion by analyzing pkgs that upload successfully.

I’ve found documents online that suggest this bundle-style is ancient with flat packages taking it’s place since OS X 10.5.

I’ve attempted to convert the package from this bundle-style to either a component or distribution/archive package using tools such as pkgutil to no avail.
pkgutil --flatten

while pkgutil --flatten does produce a flat package it’s neither a component or distribution package, it’s just a flat bundle-style package.

Can Winclone pro 10 packages be created as a flat packages of either distribution or component package types ?

It’s a real shame because I just paid $500 for Winclone Pro 10 to generate these packages and I can’t use them.

Since you purchased Winclone Pro, you get pro support. Please send an email to

As for your issue, the reason is that non-bundle style packages have a single file size limit. You can get around with JAMF documented here: