Winclone Pro image fails to make a pkg

I have a working .winclone image that when selecting it inside the app to make a pkg, it prompts for the partition info and save info, but then just creates a tiny package that doesn’t contain any image data and is useless. I need this feature to work for lab deployments.

the winclone image was made with the most recent beta version. I have tried to create the pkg with the release version, and it fails too.


Can you submit the logs from the help menu right after the failure? I’d like to see what is happening.


default 12:30:32.135593 -0400 Winclone 6 LSExceptions shared instance invalidated for timeout.
default 12:30:40.854930 -0400 Winclone 6 MacOS error: -67062
default 12:30:40.857979 -0400 Winclone 6 MacOS error: -67062
default 12:30:40.861301 -0400 Winclone 6 MacOS error: -67062
default 12:30:40.862696 -0400 Winclone 6 MacOS error: -67062
default 12:30:40.958583 -0400 Winclone 6 SFBrowserCallBack (node = <SFNode 0x6040002eee80>{domain = Network})
default 12:30:44.204320 -0400 Winclone 6 Connection to sharingd became invalid
default 12:30:44.208552 -0400 Winclone 6 BCD already exists, so we are skipping copying it
default 12:30:44.209007 -0400 Winclone 6 Setting permissions on /Users/lifelike/Desktop/goldDualBootFall17.winclone/winclone
error 12:30:44.239248 -0400 Winclone 6 Month 13 is out of bounds
error 12:30:44.294111 -0400 Winclone 6 errors encountered while discovering extensions: Error Domain=PlugInKit Code=13 “query cancelled” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=query cancelled}
default 12:30:44.294187 -0400 Winclone 6 OSErr AERemoveEventHandler(AEEventClass, AEEventID, AEEventHandlerUPP, Boolean)(ficl,askM handler=0x7fff54556ba5 isSys=NO) err=0/noErr

also might add that Winclone is unable to make the same image self-extracting. that fails as well.

Any thoughts? I’m still hoping to use Winclone for our windows deployments. That’s why we bought it.